Nutrition Tip
Choose Frozen Yogurt as a healthy alternative to ice cream!Yogurt Cart
Physical Activity Tip
Looking for a fun way to get your 60 minutes of activity? How about taking your dog for a walk!Dog on leash
SPartner Lessons
  • Lesson One: MyPlate & Power Hour
  • Lesson Two: Fast & Fruit-tastic
  • Lesson Three: Veggie-licious Get Up & Go
  • Lesson Four: Whole Grain Motor Train
  • Lesson Five: Protein & Dairy for Powerful Muscles
  • Lesson Six: (S)Partner Pledges

(S)Partners for Heart Health

The (S)Partners for Heart Health research project is designed to help 5th grade students sustain or improve nutrition and physical activity behaviors that support heart-health and to provide “hands-on” training for MSU dietetic, kinesiology and medical students. The project involves a partnership between public school teachers, MSU students and Faculty, MSU Extension and 5th grade students. The first phase of this project (2007-2008) was funded through a MSU Family and Communities Together (FACT) grant and includes the development and piloting of the measurment methodology and the intervention. The second phase (2008-2009) of this project was funded by a Blue Cross Blue Shield Foundation of Michigan grant. Phase II included conducting a pilot effectiveness study involving four schools. Primary outcomes include nutrition and physical activity behaviors and a cardiovascular health risk appraisal.

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